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It’s more than just building a balloon octopus.  Have your child learn science, technology, engineering and math while having fun! Click on the video for your first lesson, FOR FREE!


1.     Octopus––The Octopus is very impressive and a great way to practice inflation and tying  Big 8’s motto is Always Be Caring, Different, Energetic, Friendly, Growing and Happy.

2.     Hat––All balloon animals are not animals.  The balloon hat is fun to wear as you make more balloon animals and practice twisting and wrapping balloons.  Work Smarter, Not Just Harder!

3.     Dog––A balloon dog is a kid’s best friend.  Keep practicing bubbles.  That is how you learn.  You can have lots of best friends.

4.     Giraffe––A Little Change Makes a Big Difference.   Think about moving air, bubble proportion, shapes, and sizes.  If we never ever changed life would be boring.

5.     Sword––You can make a pirate sword, treasure sword, hunting sword, or a hero sword.  This is where you learn bubble consistency and speed. Be sharp, focused, and consistent.

6.    Flower––Always add value to others. When a balloon sword meets balloon circle you can make a flower by interlocking the balloons.  Both balloons add value and make a new creative by being together.

7.    Toucan/Parrot––I Can. You Can. We can. Toucan!  Make small bubbles, big bubbles and learn to roll bubbles.  Remember teamwork, Toucan can do more than One-Can do.

Learn With Inflation Animation Engineer

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